Thursday, March 29, 2007

Aaron Kinney is the man!

Frank Walton just got his ass handed to him by Aaron Kinney who took the time to expose the sort of dishonest tactics that Frank Walton engages in.

Check out the blog posts:
The first post on the issue.

The second post on the issue.

So if Frank Walton wants to ridicule Aaron because he would rather live in a nudist colony than in a burkha town, one must wonder... Would Frank rather live in a place where religious oppression reigns supreme? Would Frank rather live in a town where all the women are forced to wear burkhas? We think you must assume the answer to those questions is "yes." You know why, because we at "Rational Response Squad" already assume that all forms of religion are a form of suppression anyway.

We tip our kool-aids to you Aaron, just like what happened at Jamestown where a bunch of fundies drank kool-aid in a mass suicide. No parallel between them and us but we have the kool-aid! Thanks, Aaron, for wasting your time on such a dishonest moron so that we don't have to! We love you! And contrary to what Frank Walton said you are not a sexual deviant. Since you would rather live in a nudist colony rather than a burkhatown, then by definition you would rather see children naked than in burkhas! That is not perversion!


Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Rational Response Squad does not censor anybody!

Recently, Frank Walton the idiot accused us of censorship. But what he doesn't tell you is that these stupid Christian fundies did not follow our rules in our website, chatrooms, and forums. So Brian Sapient banned them. That is not censorship, that's not following our rules! Get it?

Now the Rational Response Squad got banned from Youtube. That is censorship, because they did not not follow youtube rules! Get it?

See how logical that is? I'm not judging this on any double standard. Seriously, I 'm not.

Censorship is when you don't want anybody to know what you're saying. That's why I decided to put my other blogsite for only invited readers, because I don't want everybody to know what I'm saying. See, I told you I wasn't into censorship.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Parody of a parody of a parody

That's right.

Frank Walton™ made a blog parody of our blog (sort of). Well, Frank Walton didn't know that he did the parody, he doesn't even know that he did it. But I'll say that he did it anyway. And that's how evolution works. Out of nothing something comes. So out of nowhere, BAM! Frank Walton did the blog. Amazing, huh?

You can check it out right here.

To be honest, I like the blog because I love parodies. But I think Frank™ is taking our blog too seriously. This is simply a parody of his and it was meant to make him and other people laugh, because..well, it's a parody. Forget whether what we say about Frank is true or not. We don't care about the truth of Frank Walton. We just want you to laugh. That's the only purpose.

I'm not sure if it's really Frank™ (even though I'm saying it is), because the writing tone is so different. Another thing, the writer of the Infidel Mike blog tried to make me sound like a homosexual or at least very, well you know...

...then it's much better like that, alright?! And Rook Hawkins is cute!

And here...

Yeah, he had me down cold. All this time I thought I wasn't gay, but I found out after entertaining myself in estrogenic exercises... like trying to milk my neighbor's baby with my own breasts... I found out I was gay! Remember, Brian Sapient said men have tits, and I have a pair of them.

I have to admit that the blog and profile is funny. At least, 15 blogs and they're not that bad. Too bad he couldn't link me to the blog himself, though. Wait a minute, if you click "[source]" it does link to me! Oh, I'm so stupid. Curses, Frank! You got me without even trying.

But it had the same information from my myspace page and it remind me of the myspace stalker.

Hopefully, it's not a friend of Frank™ or a clone writing those blogs. Otherwise, stuff like this is still happening to good ol' Frank™. Don't take that as a threat, Frankie. But know that I encourage people to pretend to be like you throughout the whole webworld. May they say as many untruthful things about you that they can.

Anyway, I hope Frank™ is not mad about some of the things my contributors and I have written about him. Also, if we write about another theist, don't take it seriously and don't get offended.

This is simply a parody.

Even though my myspace blog says something different.

I try my best to defend atheists with my "Atheism Sucks!" sucks blog.

I thought that the reader of my blog from myspace would at least figure out right away that it was a parody once clicking to see it. Oh well.

And yes, real atheists contribute to this blog.

I still haven't finished reading the blogs from the parody, I'll get to it. They're pretty funny.

My favorite blog is this one. I liked the part where I had something up my butt.


P.S. I hope Frank can still enjoy reading my blogs and I will enjoy reading his blog posts, too.


Frank buys atheist goodies

But I have everything in that bundle of goodies except the oh so valuable picture of RRS and the Proclaim CD. And I got all this stuff for under $83 dollars. In other words, I saved.


It looks like Frank™ is so serious about his wish for the RRS to become rich and famous that he buys our products.

Thank you, my friend. No problem here. Frank, baby, you're doing that very Christian thing of being consitent.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Infidel Mike and his girlfriend during Spring Break at a beach

Imagine me and my girlfriend (yeah, I know, what girlfriend, right?) at Venice Beach.

Look at Frank! Holding his wife's hand (wait, Frank is married?) while staring at her big breasts (Frank doesn't like small breasts even though he never says so here. But I'll just start a vicious rumor that he hates small thingies). His wife is better looking than my girlfriend! Well, I'll do it like Aaron Kinney and pass a law requiring that girls wear absolutely nothing. No burkhas at all! Women are better off if they objectify themselves.

Suddenly, I dump my girlfriend so I can hit on Frank Walton's wife.

Miguel: Hey Frank, your wife would look better without any clothes on.

Frank: You touch my wife and you'll regret it.

Miguel: Give me, give me! Oooh, she's so fine.

Frank's wife: Eeew, stop drooling. What are you, a pervert? Your ugly, with your skinny self. Go flirt with somebody else.

Miguel: But me so horny. Me love you long time. People shouldn't wear clothes. See, I'll take my clothes off.

Frank's wife: Hold me, Frank! The skinny shrimp thinks he's good looking.

Miguel: See, I'm naked. You should be naked and children should be naked too. No burkhas! None whatsoever. Now, let me touch your wife, Frank. Please!

Miguel touches Frank's wife's arm.

Frank: That's it!

Frank puts his foot up Miguel's skinny crack!

Miguel: Ooo, not so hard! Uh, I mean, waaaa! I'm gonna get Brian Sapient on you!

Miguel runs away.

And Frank and his wife lived happily ever after. Beats my other story.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

How important is Devin?

Devin wrote to Frank Walton™ a few days ago on MySpace about "being booted" from the stickam room. I wonder if the message was really that important to Frank™, after all...he did receive that message on the 17th. Frank™ posted this blog about James White on the same day that he received Devin's message, too.

Why did he wait 4 days to post a blog about Devin being booted? Was Devin's message from MySpace important enough for Frank™ to post a blog about it 4 days later? My holy friggin' goodness! 4 days is like 4 years! It's taking Brian Sapient 4 ever to debate somebody fairly but that's okay, that' my man Sapient! But nnoooo, not for Frank. He waits 4 days. F-O-U-R. Four!

And why is Devin in our stickam room? How dare he try to challenge our thinking!

It's our PRIVATE stickam room! But we let strangers come in it all the time! Strangers like Devin.


This is what Devin says.

yeah, i pretty much sign into the group during their shows, and i point out everything wrong that they say until they kick me out

LOL! Whatever! We booted him before he can say how false our thinking is.

I'll bet that Devin always points out everything wrong that we say every time he's in the stickam room. Typical. It's pretty obvious that the moron is lying, Frank Walton-style™.

He's just making a silly claim. In fact, I pretty much owned him at FreeThinkingTeens. (I'll show you guys an example as soon as I can find one, it's pretty tough. Devin is a rascal!)

(Devin is not the only 22-year-old that went to FreeThinkingTeens to debate with teens. Brian Sapient and other 30 year-old atheists like to debate too. Isn't that silly they aren't even teens!)

There's no way that this 22-year-old that got owned at FreeThinkingTeens (and also refused to go to the RRS forum) points out the wrong stuff that we say.

He's a liar!

As for James White, I doubt that White is open to being a guest on the RRS show. He can't take 5 people all at once! That's the RRS way. That's the fair way. Just gang up on your opponents. James White, you suck!


Atheist comedian whips Frank Walton!

Atheist stand-up comedian, Keith Lowell Jensen, wrote a blog about Frank Walton's debate style on MySpace.

Click here to see Frank Walton™ try his best to defend himself but gets his butt whipped! Like this part:


Hey combover,

I find it strange you would devote two blog posts on yours truly even after you gave me the idea you weren't interested in having any further discourse with me. Looks like someone is holding a grudge. But have it your way.

"1) Lots of insults and name calling. Some good ones are baldspot, skank and nincompoop. If you can find a physical attribute that you think your opponent may be insecure about be sure to capitilize on it. Another effective approach is name calling: If you have a young women wearing anything more revealing than a burka. Calling her a slut or a tramp is a time honored and still often effective approach. "

More than a burka? That's a strawman. I don't care if a girl wears a T-shirt, but if she comes out topless that's another story. If you actually saw the footage that Kelly put herself in you would indeed call her a skank. Like most sluts she decided to flash the camera revealing all but two mosquito bites as if she had something to show. But she didn't. And did it hurt your feelings, when I revealed the obvious, Keithy-poo? Sorry, but if you couldn't tell, your comb over can't hide the fact that you're as bald as a baby's bottom. But I'll name it as I see it. If you lie, I'll call you a liar. If you act promiscuously, I'll call you a slut (or a pig if you're a male). If you cower away, I'll call you a coward. If you dodge a part of an argument, I'll call you a dodger. I'm as honest as I possibly can be, Keith.

Also, if an atheist likes to insult I'll insult him right back. I'm just using the same tone and euphemisms atheists like to use :o)

Keith, I am mean and arrogant and I will on occassion insult people. Get over it.

"2) Ask questions that make no sense and when the person your debating asks for clarification refuse. Announce yourself superior.
Examples: "Begs the question" (be sure not to state what the question is and if someone suggests it's not clear, WHAM, you win.) Another example, "How do you justify logic." Refuse to state your cryptic argument any better than this. "

You think when someone asks to justify logic that that doesn't make sense? Now THAT doesn't make sense. LOL! Thank you for revealing your incomprehension of basic and common questions more skilled philosophers would ask. I wouldn't say I won a debate if someone just doesn't understand a question though. That's an unfair assessment. When someone asks me to clarify a question, I'll do it.

"3) Set your blog comments to appear by your approval so you can pick and choose which you let through. THIS ONE'S VERY IMPORTANT."

It is, Keith. RRS does the same thing too. Furthermore, they ban people in their forums some times. They had to lie to ban me from their website. Anyway, often I would receive threats and inappropriate material (profanity, pornographic links, etc.) in my blog comments so I had no choice but to put the comments in "approval" mode. I'm not surprsied you haven't even bothered thinking that that happens, or *SHRUGS* maybe you don't even care.

"4) Try to find personal information on the person you want to tear apart. Present in a ridiculously biased manner. For instance, "With the help of his devoted girlfriend, Sapient has built a strong following that is gaining momentum from his basement!" becomes a slanderous attack on this freeloading loser who lives in his mom's basement. "

Guilty as charged. However, I wouldn't exploit personal information like someone's home address or phone number. Some atheists found out about my wife's name and our address and phone number. And guess what? We received plenty of threats. I had an atheist telling me he'd lynch my "nigger ass" while raping my wife in front of me. But if a 30-year-old lives with his momma in her basement and has no day job and only has his girlfriend providing for his expenses, well, a person like that deserves to be reprimanded. Brian "basment boy" Sapient needs a life. A man like that can hardly be called a "man."

"5) Refuse to debate the chief subject of your attacks on his forum, saying he doesn't debate on fair grounds, but still present every debate he is in, where he of course has an unfair advantage, as an example of him losing."

Where did I do that? As I mentioned I went to RRS' forum where I kicked some butt, they couldn't handle it so they had to lie to ban me (they accused me of something I didn't do). See here:

However, if an atheist was put at an unfair advantage I'd mention it. But yes, Keith, if I debate I want it to be fair. So sue me. If you're talking about my debate with Matt, well, Matt actually thought he won that debate. I even let him have the last word. But again, yes, I will only debate on fair grounds. I'm sorry, you dont like that. It may interest you but I challenged to debate your friend Brian Sapient in the following format:

Opening statements: no more than 1500 words.

First Rebuttals: no more than 1000 words.

Second Rebuttals: no more than 800 words.

Conclusions: no more than 600 words.

Also, no links allowed. And no excessively quoting a source. No plagiarism either. I'm willing to let an agreed-upon atheist (or Christian, agnostic, Buddhist, etc.) moderate the debate.

And I'm more than willing to compromise the number of words used.
That seems like a pretty fair format, no? But so far, I haven't heard anything from Sapient. Will he debate me? Usually, what Sapient and his friends do when they have a guest on their show they gang up on them. It would be 5 people against 1! That's not fair. I talk about it here:

"6) Scour the internet for any examples of people holding the differing viewpoint who don't seem smart to you. Especially nice if you can find a young girl. Ridicule them and hold them up as an example of this viewpoint."

When did I do this? Please, give me an example. I do the opposite though. For instance, I've named plenty of atheists who hold differing views than me and commend them for their philosophical work. I'll give you names and examples of when I did this if you like. But to start you off, I have on occassions praised atheists like Jeff Lowder.

"7) When your immature behavior and innabillity to even draw much of an audience to begin with leads the subject of your hatred, er, sorry I mean the subject of your intense God inspired love to refuse to be bothered with you announce that he is afraid of you. The more he doesn't notice you or ignores you completely the more he is afraid of you, even as he debates scholars who you admire. Scholars who of course make a fool out of him, see #5."

When did I do this? Can you give me said example? Maybe you're thinking of the plagiarist, Rook Hawkins, who refused to debate JP Holding on fair grounds. I write about it here:

Say what you want, but Rookie won't debate him fairly.

Thank you for your time, Keith. I just hope you would be better in assessing other people though. Because what you did was knock down a straw man. I have to say though, it is rather humorous to know that I'm getting on your nerves. I hope you don't lose more hair over me though.




Uh, oops, Frank wrote that. Curses Frank! You suck!


Monday, March 12, 2007

Corey Washington

I used to go to the same church as Frank Walton. We all pretty much thought he was gay, or at the very least very, very effeminate, plus he was always quite silly, yet had no sense of humor. His parents have a bit of money, and they always seemed a bit embarrased that he always did so poorly in school. I think he's a bit mentally challenged; he just always came across kind of dumb. I don't mean that in a mean way. He could toilet and feed himself. But I remember his folks got him a job as a target greeter/bag boy/guy who brings a big item to your car on a flat cart. He did help me get my big TV in my Honda by cutting it out of the box. I haven't seen him there for awhile. He still lives with his parents and the college he's attending is one of those bible correspondence things. I wouldn’t be surprised if he's got a doctorate by now; too bad he can't spell or use the English language.
I wish he'd find something else to do. He really is an embarrassment to his folks


That is so funny!

Check out The Uncredible Hallq's blog and read the blog comments.

Here is another one from Cory.

I'm the real Corey, and yes, Frank is mentally challenged. He works at the car wash now I think. I heard somebody in the neighborhood mention it. I haven't seen him myself though.


I always thought that The Frank Walton™ would at least have a job as a crash test dummy, because he's better off dead.

Anyway, another Corey Washington said this in Frank Walton's blog:

I'm the real Corey, and yes, Frank is mentally challenged. He works at the car wash now I think. I heard somebody in the neighborhood mention it. I haven't seen him myself though.

Hey, it looks like my clone is lavishing me with more attention. Ted Bell, thanks for making Chris Hallquist look like an idiot. Best of all you used my name. Thanks.

The real Corey Washington

Hey, wait a minute! That doesn't mean someone else was pretending to be Corey, was it? Nnnaaahh!


Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Mr. Walton admits he needs evidence to believe

Frank Walton™ admitted in his blog, 'Brian Flemming's "teapot" questions', that he needs evidence to believe.

8) What is the minimum it would take for you to believe that there was a flying teapot orbiting the sun between earth and mars?

Evidence. Duh!

Just check out the blog comments. All those stupid theists don't seem to get the point of Flemming's Teapot questions.

Still...I wonder why Frank Walton™ needs evidence to believe. That's strange. Hmm, I guess, that means he doesn't have blind faith because he needs evidence to believe. That's the most illogical thing I ever heard!


Monday, March 5, 2007

Blogton encouages Christians

After a hard day's work, I was about to go to sleep and I was like, "Screw it, let me check out Frank's blog right quick".

The first blog I read was "Richard Dawkins - the cry baby". As I was scrolling down to post a comment, I noticed that Frank had another blog I've never read before.

Check it out, Christians.
"I encouage Christians to take the Blasphemy Challenge"

Notice how Frank Blogton spells encourage.

What a way to start off the blog!

That's right! You heard it from me: Frank Walton. I would like you guys to take the blasphemy challenge. Best of all you get a free copy of The God Who Wasn't There DVD.

The DVD is optional. But don't let anybody tell you that. We never mention that it's optional in the blasphemy challenge site. Not even oversea atheists know that they can't get the DVD because we don't deliver overseas. It's a great way of weaseling gullible atheists to take the challenge for nothing in return! Ha! What a bunch of tools.

But the whole point of the Blasphemy Challenge is for atheists to come out of the closet and piss Christians off. That's all. Forget about being mature, logical, and nice. What's that? We're in your face. And we only do it to piss you fundies off!

Yeah, we said that we will keep doing this Blasphemy Challenge until the end of Christianity, but again...we said that to piss Christians off, too. Who do you think we're kidding? Do you think we can actually end Christianity? Hahahahah!

It's a hilarious documentary that actually thinks it's telling the truth. Personally, I had a good laugh after watching it.

Wait a minute. How did you get a copy? Oh, I guess you can rent it at a DVD rental house. Naaah! I don't think that's possible.

Here's the thing though, when you say "I deny the Holy Spirit" you don't have to mean it - you could say it demonstrably.


I'm starting to wonder why you really wrote this blog. Yeah, Okay, it's so Christians can get a DVD. Whatever....

But since you don't think that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is the unforgivable sin, all I can tell you is this...

Mr. Blogton, you would be shocked to know that a Christian member at FreeThinkingTeens would agree with you.


Stupid Blogton.

I'm going to sleep now. Bye! :)


Friday, March 2, 2007

Blast from the Past, learn to talk good, and voice comments

(Update: Tony is back with a new myspace page and I have reported him, and he changed his default picture on his original myspace to "Vida Guerra". That picture was too close to reality! My momma is such a ho.)

Last year, I wrote a blog about some dipshits that wanted to fight me and my brother..well, one of those guys is back, his name is Tony.

I must warn you, if you're going to click that to see his profile, let me inform you that his default picture is a woman performing cunnilingus on my mother. That's right, my momma was a ho! That's what you get from RRS. Kelly - a ho! Brian Sapient - a male ho! You best recognize. We're a gang full of hos. And we follow my mom's example, because she opens her legs for everyone.

Tony sent me a lot of messages and here is the list of the things he called me:

1. Darwin dick sucker.
2. "Your a gay nerd." (Yes, the punk spells you're like that.)
3. Italian greeseball.
4. Wetback.
5. Pussy. (Even though I invited him to fight me in a mixed martial arts fight and he took me up on that challenge then I declined.)
6. Power Ranger wanna be.
7. Garbage.
8. Bitch.
9. Motherfucker.
10. Gay Frenchmen.
11. Faggot.
12. Gay ass weird kid.
13. Bitch ass.
14. Nazi. (Yes, the asshole called me a Nazi, because I love Hitler.)
15. "Your are my gay son." (I kept correcting him about his spelling and grammar. I mean, I corrected him on his spelling and grammar.)
16. "You are 60 pound virgin."
17. Pepe Le Pue.
18."You look like a serial rapist/killer."

And the list goes on.

He kept getting pissed at me for correcting his spelling, too. I'm not going to post the whole message, I'm too scared too. It may make me look bad.

So yeah, I get a lot of hate mail from Christians and a lot of weird chain-letters, too. But I learn from them and give hate mail to Frank Walton all the time. I dedicated a whole blogsite to him, too!

In 1492, an old young girl named Peewee Herman came to America in a spaceship from the planet of Africa. A well known television personality killed her by basting her in a toaster oven with some orange juice, onions, and south indian curry. Now that you have read this message she will come to your home, sleep in your beds, eat your food, and never give you any respect.

But somebody needs to start teach my mom how to "talk gooder".

Gahh! Letz talk goooder!!

That's right, mommy. It's time for the typists to learn how to "talk gooder" if they want to talk crap to someone, especially if they're serious about something.

I had to block Tony from myspace because he's good at whipping me in debates.

I always wondered why people care about their picture and voice comments so much. So, I did one too. The most likely reason is because it boosts their self-esteem.

Yeah, that's what it is...

They have a self-esteem problem. So, I did it by posting my ugly pictures too. And now I feel better :o)

But do they care about the quality of the comments that their friends post on their pictures and do they care about how retarded their friends sound on the voice comments? I'll criticize anything, even my slutty mommy, so if you ever have a voice comment, I'm going to listen to the voice message, just to see if your friend is retarded like my mom.

What's wrong? Are you getting mad because I'm judging people? Well, you put the darn voice comments on your page for a reason, so visitors of your profile can listen to them. That means that you can't stop me from saying and writing what I want because you made it available for an asshole like me to listen. See, I admit it I'm an asshole.

Voice messages have been bothering me for a while. Usually, some dumbass who thinks he grew up in the ghetto starts off the voice comment like this:

"Yo! wut it do baby? itz ya boy, (Insert initial here)-hoova, wut u know bout that?! ya heard me?!!"

Sometimes I try to imagine what the person looks like and as I'm doing that, I'm also trying to figure out what they're saying. But they end up looking like this...

Seriously, I can't stand the voice comments. Before you know it, we will have spam voice comments too.

Now, imagine some dumbass calling you about who is looking at your damn profile. Sucks, huh? I'll have to look at people post bulletins, complaining about these darn spam voice comments.

Then they will get tired of their voice comments, but at least the operator talks better, I mean...'talks gooder' than most of their darn friends.

I'm getting sick of today's youth. I'm a youth and I'm sick of myself!

Stupid kids can't even read a book unless it's a coloring book without words. I ought to know, I am a youth.

Speaking of stupid, in the United States, MOST of the people here believe that the Earth came out of nothing!

It reminds me of RRS.

Seriously, a survey said that the people who didn't believe in ghost was because of this: NO EVIDENCE OF GHOSTS!

Ironic, huh?

Even though I don't believe in ghosts, I have seen people on TV present their evidence like pictures and videos of ghosts. No evidence for god, so far. I mean, he's invisible right? So why don't they have picture of that?! Just tell me!

I just hope most of the dumb kids today don't get any dumber.