Friday, March 2, 2007

Blast from the Past, learn to talk good, and voice comments

(Update: Tony is back with a new myspace page and I have reported him, and he changed his default picture on his original myspace to "Vida Guerra". That picture was too close to reality! My momma is such a ho.)

Last year, I wrote a blog about some dipshits that wanted to fight me and my brother..well, one of those guys is back, his name is Tony.

I must warn you, if you're going to click that to see his profile, let me inform you that his default picture is a woman performing cunnilingus on my mother. That's right, my momma was a ho! That's what you get from RRS. Kelly - a ho! Brian Sapient - a male ho! You best recognize. We're a gang full of hos. And we follow my mom's example, because she opens her legs for everyone.

Tony sent me a lot of messages and here is the list of the things he called me:

1. Darwin dick sucker.
2. "Your a gay nerd." (Yes, the punk spells you're like that.)
3. Italian greeseball.
4. Wetback.
5. Pussy. (Even though I invited him to fight me in a mixed martial arts fight and he took me up on that challenge then I declined.)
6. Power Ranger wanna be.
7. Garbage.
8. Bitch.
9. Motherfucker.
10. Gay Frenchmen.
11. Faggot.
12. Gay ass weird kid.
13. Bitch ass.
14. Nazi. (Yes, the asshole called me a Nazi, because I love Hitler.)
15. "Your are my gay son." (I kept correcting him about his spelling and grammar. I mean, I corrected him on his spelling and grammar.)
16. "You are 60 pound virgin."
17. Pepe Le Pue.
18."You look like a serial rapist/killer."

And the list goes on.

He kept getting pissed at me for correcting his spelling, too. I'm not going to post the whole message, I'm too scared too. It may make me look bad.

So yeah, I get a lot of hate mail from Christians and a lot of weird chain-letters, too. But I learn from them and give hate mail to Frank Walton all the time. I dedicated a whole blogsite to him, too!

In 1492, an old young girl named Peewee Herman came to America in a spaceship from the planet of Africa. A well known television personality killed her by basting her in a toaster oven with some orange juice, onions, and south indian curry. Now that you have read this message she will come to your home, sleep in your beds, eat your food, and never give you any respect.

But somebody needs to start teach my mom how to "talk gooder".

Gahh! Letz talk goooder!!

That's right, mommy. It's time for the typists to learn how to "talk gooder" if they want to talk crap to someone, especially if they're serious about something.

I had to block Tony from myspace because he's good at whipping me in debates.

I always wondered why people care about their picture and voice comments so much. So, I did one too. The most likely reason is because it boosts their self-esteem.

Yeah, that's what it is...

They have a self-esteem problem. So, I did it by posting my ugly pictures too. And now I feel better :o)

But do they care about the quality of the comments that their friends post on their pictures and do they care about how retarded their friends sound on the voice comments? I'll criticize anything, even my slutty mommy, so if you ever have a voice comment, I'm going to listen to the voice message, just to see if your friend is retarded like my mom.

What's wrong? Are you getting mad because I'm judging people? Well, you put the darn voice comments on your page for a reason, so visitors of your profile can listen to them. That means that you can't stop me from saying and writing what I want because you made it available for an asshole like me to listen. See, I admit it I'm an asshole.

Voice messages have been bothering me for a while. Usually, some dumbass who thinks he grew up in the ghetto starts off the voice comment like this:

"Yo! wut it do baby? itz ya boy, (Insert initial here)-hoova, wut u know bout that?! ya heard me?!!"

Sometimes I try to imagine what the person looks like and as I'm doing that, I'm also trying to figure out what they're saying. But they end up looking like this...

Seriously, I can't stand the voice comments. Before you know it, we will have spam voice comments too.

Now, imagine some dumbass calling you about who is looking at your damn profile. Sucks, huh? I'll have to look at people post bulletins, complaining about these darn spam voice comments.

Then they will get tired of their voice comments, but at least the operator talks better, I mean...'talks gooder' than most of their darn friends.

I'm getting sick of today's youth. I'm a youth and I'm sick of myself!

Stupid kids can't even read a book unless it's a coloring book without words. I ought to know, I am a youth.

Speaking of stupid, in the United States, MOST of the people here believe that the Earth came out of nothing!

It reminds me of RRS.

Seriously, a survey said that the people who didn't believe in ghost was because of this: NO EVIDENCE OF GHOSTS!

Ironic, huh?

Even though I don't believe in ghosts, I have seen people on TV present their evidence like pictures and videos of ghosts. No evidence for god, so far. I mean, he's invisible right? So why don't they have picture of that?! Just tell me!

I just hope most of the dumb kids today don't get any dumber.


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