Monday, July 13, 2009

LeftofLarry is honest about William Lane Craig

And don't let anybody tell you different. Like the time when cowardly and no-good Christian fundy debater Dr. William Lane Craig said he does not debate his own students, well, by golly, that means he won't debate his former student John W. Loftus. Loftus even knew this:

I learned from DC member Darrin at the Carrier/Craig debate that Craig said he would not debate his former students.

So, it makes perfect "rational response squad" sense when rational response squad member LeftofLarry says,

"So I started this facebook group in order to try to convince William Lane Craig, a leading christian apologist, to debate John Loftus who is now an atheist after many years as an evanglical christian and christian apologist who studied under Craig. William refuses to debate John for some unknown reason."

I think anybody who thinks LeftofLarry is trying to lie to get Dr. Craig to debate are stupid. Larry makes perfect sense when he says there is an "unknown reason" for Craig to debate Loftus when Craig said the reason he won't debate Loftus is because he doesn't debate students of his. Yeah, I know Loftus says he knows the reason, but you people are stupid anyway. And don't you dare say Larry doesn't know what he's talking about. So put that in your pipe and smoke it, buddy!

Loftus is the greatest debater in the world. That's why he admits his claims are absurd. And why he got "grilled" by Paul Manata:

And don't you believe stupid Frank Walton when he says John W. Loftus lost his debate to David Wood.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kelly O'Connor is not a prostitute!

She just copulates for money, that's all! But if anybody says she's a whore... they're wrong, dammit! Here's proof: