Monday, September 24, 2007

Frank Waltons favorite Christian activity and entertainment

Frank Walton likes to fight UFC style. That's so un-Christian of him. Remember in the Bible where Nehemiah protects himself with a knife or when Jesus spoke of buying a sword or when David talked about kicking his enemies teeth in in Psalms. See, Frank Walton was following the Bible's example, therefore he was not being Christ-like! That's so logical! We at the Rational Response Squad know what we're talking about.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Frank Walton is a hypocrite!

Frank Walton is a hypocrite because he craves anonymity but exposes Brian Sapient's true identity. That's hypocrisy, dangit! No really, it is. Can someone please non-violently murder Frank Walton? We believe that Sapient's life is in danger, therefore, it makes perfect atheistic sense to murder Frank Walton for that. We at the Rational Response Squad want that. It's logical and very non-violent. Give us his name and street address so we can find him and non-violently stab him to death. We'll also non-violently rape his wife in front of him. Make sense? Of course, it does!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Brian Sapient does not want violence on Kent Hovind

Stupid Frank Walton thinks that Brian Sapient wants violence on Kent Hovind. If you watch this video you'll see that's not true, especially the end with the cartoon where it jokingly says Kent Hovind gets raped. What Sapient wants and what the Rational Response Squad support is that Kent Hovind gets raped in prison. But we don't want violence on Kent Hovind. We just want him to get raped. We at Rational Response Squad support that. But we hate violence. We hope that Hovind gets un-violently raped. That's rational.