Friday, March 23, 2007

Parody of a parody of a parody

That's right.

Frank Walton™ made a blog parody of our blog (sort of). Well, Frank Walton didn't know that he did the parody, he doesn't even know that he did it. But I'll say that he did it anyway. And that's how evolution works. Out of nothing something comes. So out of nowhere, BAM! Frank Walton did the blog. Amazing, huh?

You can check it out right here.

To be honest, I like the blog because I love parodies. But I think Frank™ is taking our blog too seriously. This is simply a parody of his and it was meant to make him and other people laugh, because..well, it's a parody. Forget whether what we say about Frank is true or not. We don't care about the truth of Frank Walton. We just want you to laugh. That's the only purpose.

I'm not sure if it's really Frank™ (even though I'm saying it is), because the writing tone is so different. Another thing, the writer of the Infidel Mike blog tried to make me sound like a homosexual or at least very, well you know...

...then it's much better like that, alright?! And Rook Hawkins is cute!

And here...

Yeah, he had me down cold. All this time I thought I wasn't gay, but I found out after entertaining myself in estrogenic exercises... like trying to milk my neighbor's baby with my own breasts... I found out I was gay! Remember, Brian Sapient said men have tits, and I have a pair of them.

I have to admit that the blog and profile is funny. At least, 15 blogs and they're not that bad. Too bad he couldn't link me to the blog himself, though. Wait a minute, if you click "[source]" it does link to me! Oh, I'm so stupid. Curses, Frank! You got me without even trying.

But it had the same information from my myspace page and it remind me of the myspace stalker.

Hopefully, it's not a friend of Frank™ or a clone writing those blogs. Otherwise, stuff like this is still happening to good ol' Frank™. Don't take that as a threat, Frankie. But know that I encourage people to pretend to be like you throughout the whole webworld. May they say as many untruthful things about you that they can.

Anyway, I hope Frank™ is not mad about some of the things my contributors and I have written about him. Also, if we write about another theist, don't take it seriously and don't get offended.

This is simply a parody.

Even though my myspace blog says something different.

I try my best to defend atheists with my "Atheism Sucks!" sucks blog.

I thought that the reader of my blog from myspace would at least figure out right away that it was a parody once clicking to see it. Oh well.

And yes, real atheists contribute to this blog.

I still haven't finished reading the blogs from the parody, I'll get to it. They're pretty funny.

My favorite blog is this one. I liked the part where I had something up my butt.


P.S. I hope Frank can still enjoy reading my blogs and I will enjoy reading his blog posts, too.


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