Monday, July 13, 2009

LeftofLarry is honest about William Lane Craig

And don't let anybody tell you different. Like the time when cowardly and no-good Christian fundy debater Dr. William Lane Craig said he does not debate his own students, well, by golly, that means he won't debate his former student John W. Loftus. Loftus even knew this:

I learned from DC member Darrin at the Carrier/Craig debate that Craig said he would not debate his former students.

So, it makes perfect "rational response squad" sense when rational response squad member LeftofLarry says,

"So I started this facebook group in order to try to convince William Lane Craig, a leading christian apologist, to debate John Loftus who is now an atheist after many years as an evanglical christian and christian apologist who studied under Craig. William refuses to debate John for some unknown reason."

I think anybody who thinks LeftofLarry is trying to lie to get Dr. Craig to debate are stupid. Larry makes perfect sense when he says there is an "unknown reason" for Craig to debate Loftus when Craig said the reason he won't debate Loftus is because he doesn't debate students of his. Yeah, I know Loftus says he knows the reason, but you people are stupid anyway. And don't you dare say Larry doesn't know what he's talking about. So put that in your pipe and smoke it, buddy!

Loftus is the greatest debater in the world. That's why he admits his claims are absurd. And why he got "grilled" by Paul Manata:

And don't you believe stupid Frank Walton when he says John W. Loftus lost his debate to David Wood.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kelly O'Connor is not a prostitute!

She just copulates for money, that's all! But if anybody says she's a whore... they're wrong, dammit! Here's proof:

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Brian Sapient vs Greydon Square

There's a rumor going around the internet that someone beat up my friend Brian Sapient:

...Greydon Square apparently beat the shit out of Brian Sapient. Money or something.


I've decided to make a Q&A to stop rumors about my pal Brian Sapient...

FAQ about Brian Sapient's fight with Greydon Square

Is it true that Greydon Square beat the shit out of Brian Sapient?

This is not true! Greydon did not beat up Sapient. Sapient broke Greydon's hand with his face. Brian repeatedly head-butted Greydon's knuckles! Finally, people separated Greydon from Brian, because Greydon's knuckles were sore from all that violence.

Is it true that Brian Sapient had to go to a hospital? That he was put in an ambulance?

This is true. Brian Sapient's face was a mush of pulp after using it against Greydon's fist.

Is it true that Brian Sapient was screaming like a little bitch during the fight?

Not true. Brian Sapient threw so many head-butts on Greydon's fist that there was no time to scream.

Is it true the fight was over Brian Sapient's handling of Greydon Square's album sales?

Yes, this is true. Brian wanted about 90% of all of Greydon's album sales. That's only fair! Brian Sapient works harder than Greydon Square. That was probably Sapient's voice on the CDs, too, dammit! According to a commentor named "Joe" (an atheist who doesn't care for either Brian or Greydon, but witnessed the event):

Here are the facts as told to me by one of the two witnesses who were asked to be there by Greydon during the 'talk' that turned into a vicious attack. I don't even know Brian, never met him, and don't vouch for any other aspect of his personality. The true story is it had to do with some customers buying Greydon's cd's (I tried to like this guy before this happened too, but now he is a low life scum bag who gets no respect from me and apparently didn't rise above the disgusting glorification of the ghetto culture) from the RSS website. Many customers were getting lost after they paid for their CD's, and they complained directly to Greydon that they were not getting their CDs they ordered. Greydon then wants a mediated (his request) meeting with Brian Sapient about the issue. From one of the only two eye witnesses, he was "very irate" before even going to this meeting. The meeting was arranged a bit later, and Greydon airs his complaints about the CD's to Brain. When Brian explained this was an issue that was being worked out, Greydon then demanded of Brian that he not sell any CD's at the event. Brain refused, and Captain Dipshit flipped over the table and pummeled his fists into Brian's face repeatedly, more times than could be counted, as the the other two in attendance ran for help.

Is it true that Brian Sapient was too lazy to distribute the CDs to customers?

Kelly's tits got in the way of the mail box. Is that our fault for being "lazy"? Sheesh!

Is Greydon Square a sellout to atheists?

Yes. He is no longer a member of the Rational Response Squad. Anybody who's against us deserves to be called "cunts."

Is it true that most atheists (and not Christians) are happy that Brian Sapient got his ass kicked?

That's a lie!!!! A lie! Lie! Lie! Look at what everybody is saying about us:

Everybody at RantsNRaves respects Brian.
Everybody at Richard Dawkins' forums respects us, too.
Even the commentors at teapot atheists likes us.

So, get off our case! Atheists love us, dammit!

Is this picture...

... of Brian Sapient after the fight?

Yes. Not only did Brian use his face against Greydon's hands, he used his whole body. See, Brian's really tough.

Is it true that most atheists (like this guy) disapprove of Brian Sapient and the Rational Response Squad?

That's a stupid question, and a lie. We're a minority among a minority, so what?

Was this a black-on-white fight? Or a black-on-black fight?

This was a black on black fight, stupid. Brian Sapient isn't white, dummy. He acts too black to be white.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Encyclopedia Dramatica

Frank Walton was too cowardly to put this link in his blog, because he thinks it's wrong for people to look at hardcore nudity. What's wrong with porn? We at the Rational Response Squad love looking at porn, but we're not perverts or anything. The next time we meet your daughters we'll see if we can put them in a porno. That's a great way of making money! See, we're trying to help you guys. Anyway, we have the link cowardly Frank doesn't have the balls to show you guys:

We at Rational Response Squad are not afraid of opposition. So look at the site and tell everybody about these lies.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Have an IP address you want to share?

If you have an IP address of Frank Walton or anyone who he claims to be impersonating him, please feel free to post it as a comment to this post with the title or opening phrase "I pee on your IP address."

This post is a statement of confirmation that the information will not be posted publicly on this site and will only be used to prosecute Frank Walton or whoever the real person is behind him to the fullest extent of the law. We would like to connect more dots to this puzzle. Spread the word to anyone you know that has been attacked by Frank Walton. You have our promise the information will only be used in a court of law.

If you would like to add a disclaimer stating that it is ok to post the IP if we can find confirmation that such action is legal, please add the disclaimer. So, uh, I guess we will post Frank's IP to the public. No, we just didn't contradict ourselves. What we said was we won't show the IP address to the public but we will show it to the public. That makes sense in a "Rational Response Squad" kind of way.

If you have been cyber-stalked, lied about, attacked, threatened, or harrassed by any of the following people help us complete the puzzle by posting the comment/IP here and it will wait in moderation for our crack staff. There are many ips known within this puzzle, we're looking to find more conclusive connections here.

If you doubt the legitimacy of this site please view the footer of the highest ranked atheist website in the world to see that they have our "blessing" (though we believe that Richard Dawkins had an affair with another woman, he still blesses us by golly!)

These are the names we believe the Christian who calls himself Frank Walton goes by:
Abnoxio, Alan Baxter, HGissufficient, Mark Cote, MrBright, Rich Voss, S_Allegory, stanlee, Terry Pritchard(fully confirmed), John G. Deering(highly likely), Scary Jesus

Yes, Frank has said these people were actually Ted Bell. But it's not true! Here's proof:

  • Frank Walton likes putting his own home address out and to make his wife's name public. Why? So, people can kill him and rape his wife.
  • Frank also likes calling himself a fag, and a nigger, and a child molestor. Why? Because it just makes sense to, that's why.
  • Frank likes to pretend to be other people while putting out his own home address and wife's name so people can get him. Makes sense doesn't it? That's what we Rational Response Squad peeps are all about.

Here are the IP addresses Frank Walton has used (yeah, I know, Frank said it's Ted Bell's IP addresses but what does Frank know? I mean, he likes to pretend to be other people while putting out his own home address and wife's name so people can get him):

If you feel insecure posting the ip info here you can send the info to anyone you trust within the RRS and they will add it to our findings and help prepare the info for the courts and the feds. We will get Frank Walton and arrest him and make him pay money for mental damages to us. We need money and we will try getting it from Frank.

Best of all, here's how Frank Walton looks like and sounds like (again, stupid Frank Walton thinks that this is Ted Bell... Ha! We know you said you were half-black, Franky, but in this video you're white, so by logic that means this man has to be you!):


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dr. Avalos kicks Frank's ass

Lookie here.

You go, boy! Man, Avalos handed Walton' ass in a platter. Avalos expected an undergrad like Frank to know Armaic, and do all the studies of a PhD guy. That's thinking, Dr. Avalos! Only scholars like you would deduce this from an undergrad.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Yes, we hate Richard Dawkins!!!

Ha! Frank was too cowardly to post what was actually said about our conversation on Richard Dawkins' affair with another woman. We hate Richard Dawkins because that new manager bitch wouldn't allow us to use Dawkins' name for our organization. So by logic that means the new manager is having an affair with Dawkins. See, how logical that was. Here's the stuff Frank doesn't want you to see (we hate Richard but we're going to use him anyway... we need money! Help us so we don't have to use Richard anymore):

Link and link.