Sunday, February 11, 2007

I guess Frank is married?

I was checking out Frank's new blog, Brian Sapient goes Girls Gone Wild!, in which he writes about his jealousy of Brian (he was recording Kelly and she quickly flashed him) and Kelly's chest. Yup, that's right, he was jealous of Brian's chest because he actually has tits. There was no nudity in the video, which was wrong because I wanted to see all A cups of Kelly's chest. Brian Sapient has nice tits too.

Anyway, when I was done reading, I noticed that he had 4 comments at the time, so I decided to read the comments and check out what his readers had to say. As it turns out, Frank is married!

I don't understand! Just look at his comments.

He talks about having a wife. That is so hard for me to understand. He's married? Wait a minute, he's married and has a wife. Hmm, so does that mean he's married and has a wife? That's just so hard to understand!

Frank's myspace tells another story. His myspace says he's "single". But he told a guy named HGissufficient that he put single in his myspace because not everybody in his group is married. See. That is just so hard to understand.


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