Thursday, March 29, 2007

Aaron Kinney is the man!

Frank Walton just got his ass handed to him by Aaron Kinney who took the time to expose the sort of dishonest tactics that Frank Walton engages in.

Check out the blog posts:
The first post on the issue.

The second post on the issue.

So if Frank Walton wants to ridicule Aaron because he would rather live in a nudist colony than in a burkha town, one must wonder... Would Frank rather live in a place where religious oppression reigns supreme? Would Frank rather live in a town where all the women are forced to wear burkhas? We think you must assume the answer to those questions is "yes." You know why, because we at "Rational Response Squad" already assume that all forms of religion are a form of suppression anyway.

We tip our kool-aids to you Aaron, just like what happened at Jamestown where a bunch of fundies drank kool-aid in a mass suicide. No parallel between them and us but we have the kool-aid! Thanks, Aaron, for wasting your time on such a dishonest moron so that we don't have to! We love you! And contrary to what Frank Walton said you are not a sexual deviant. Since you would rather live in a nudist colony rather than a burkhatown, then by definition you would rather see children naked than in burkhas! That is not perversion!



Aaron Kinney said...

You are a fake, and so is "atheism sucks! sucks," as well as the RRS jr.

I was suspicious about you from the get-go, but I withheld my judgement and gave you guys the benefit of the doubt until you posted your comments on my blog. By now its totally obvious.


Rational Response Squad Jr. said...

You don't seem to understand us, Kinney. We think you schooled Frank. Frank is the perverted idiot who wants to see children clothed. That's outrageous! You're right, they should be naked.