Tuesday, March 20, 2007

How important is Devin?

Devin wrote to Frank Walton™ a few days ago on MySpace about "being booted" from the stickam room. I wonder if the message was really that important to Frank™, after all...he did receive that message on the 17th. Frank™ posted this blog about James White on the same day that he received Devin's message, too.

Why did he wait 4 days to post a blog about Devin being booted? Was Devin's message from MySpace important enough for Frank™ to post a blog about it 4 days later? My holy friggin' goodness! 4 days is like 4 years! It's taking Brian Sapient 4 ever to debate somebody fairly but that's okay, that' my man Sapient! But nnoooo, not for Frank. He waits 4 days. F-O-U-R. Four!

And why is Devin in our stickam room? How dare he try to challenge our thinking!

It's our PRIVATE stickam room! But we let strangers come in it all the time! Strangers like Devin.


This is what Devin says.

yeah, i pretty much sign into the group during their shows, and i point out everything wrong that they say until they kick me out

LOL! Whatever! We booted him before he can say how false our thinking is.

I'll bet that Devin always points out everything wrong that we say every time he's in the stickam room. Typical. It's pretty obvious that the moron is lying, Frank Walton-style™.

He's just making a silly claim. In fact, I pretty much owned him at FreeThinkingTeens. (I'll show you guys an example as soon as I can find one, it's pretty tough. Devin is a rascal!)

(Devin is not the only 22-year-old that went to FreeThinkingTeens to debate with teens. Brian Sapient and other 30 year-old atheists like to debate too. Isn't that silly they aren't even teens!)

There's no way that this 22-year-old that got owned at FreeThinkingTeens (and also refused to go to the RRS forum) points out the wrong stuff that we say.

He's a liar!

As for James White, I doubt that White is open to being a guest on the RRS show. He can't take 5 people all at once! That's the RRS way. That's the fair way. Just gang up on your opponents. James White, you suck!


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