Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Rational Response Squad does not censor anybody!

Recently, Frank Walton the idiot accused us of censorship. But what he doesn't tell you is that these stupid Christian fundies did not follow our rules in our website, chatrooms, and forums. So Brian Sapient banned them. That is not censorship, that's not following our rules! Get it?

Now the Rational Response Squad got banned from Youtube. That is censorship, because they did not not follow youtube rules! Get it?

See how logical that is? I'm not judging this on any double standard. Seriously, I 'm not.

Censorship is when you don't want anybody to know what you're saying. That's why I decided to put my other blogsite for only invited readers, because I don't want everybody to know what I'm saying. See, I told you I wasn't into censorship.


Rhology said...

Hi Miguel,

Have you ever heard of Discomfiting Christianity?


Rational Response Squad Jr. said...

Yeah, he's a disciple of the great one: John W. Loftus. Loftus likes debating against his opponenet's wife, like how he wants Manata to smack his wife silly. That's the best argument an atheist can use against Christian fundies. It looks like Frank Walton's wife could use a good beating given Frank's past. The more an opponent beats his wife the more false Christianity is. That's logical!