Thursday, May 17, 2007

Frank Walton's face

Have you ever wondered what Frank Walton looks like? Me too! You see, I'm gay and I would love to meet Frank Walton.

I'm pretty sure that there has never been an atheists that knocked on Frank's door, pointed a gun to his face and robbed him or something. So why hasn't he ever posted a picture of himself? I want to point my "gun" at him, if you know what I mean. Hee-hee! That's how Miguel De Alba likes it!

What are you so scared of, Frank? Show yourself! Come on, ya chicken! I want you! Reginald Finley posted your home address on his website and I'm going to pay you a visit for a little play time. You and me, baby. Or, we, at the Rational Response Squad want to know what you look like so we can aim a gun at you and kill you off the "Mr. Gawn" way. We're happy that Falwell is dead and we'll be happy if you're dead.


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