Friday, June 1, 2007

Ladies and gentlemen. We got him: Kirk Cameron commits adultery!

Look here.

Shocking? Not really. Those eyes on Kirk Cameron are as real as the theory of evolution.

First, we have Ray 'The Banana' Comfort who had the nerve to challenge Richard Dawkins to a debate after getting raped by the RRS. Ha! Who commits adultery now! We men and women of Rational Response Squad love rape, especially when it comes to Christians.

And now we have Kirk 'Growing Pain' Cameron committing adultery by looking at Kelly's big o' chest!

"He looked at Kelly's chest. So what? Kelly's airbags she calls 'tits' are as real as Brian Sapient's logic. So Kirk Cameron was looking at something unreal and fake."

So what? So WHAT?!?! Look at him! Doesn't it look like he's a little too "happy"? I thought so. I'm convinced that he was looking at her with lust. Everybody likes fake boobs. Kelly knew how ugly she was so she made herself look "prettier" by making herself look fake. That's logical.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Kirk was grabbing Ray and Sapient's butt in that picture. Sapient admitted to me his nipples got hard when Kirk was looking at them. That's why Sapient brought up his nipple argument against God. He wanted to turn Kirk on. Kirk looked like he wanted to grabbed something anyway! We ought to know since we approve of rape. Grabbing someone when they don't want to be grabbed is the perfect atheistic thing to do.

Kirk, dude, I know that Kelly takes some pictures that might make you say, "OMG! wut iz she doin'?!?!", but if you look at a woman like that again, she's gonna beat you like ya stole something! In Kelly's case, it's stealing silicone implants.

So there ya have it folks! We caught Kirk Cameron red-handed. Or full-handed, ass-handed...whatever.

Special thanks to Pile for the picture. Continue to make what's real fake. That way, we can beat these pesky Christians in a "honest" fashion.


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