Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Christians hate Frank

This is nothing new to me. Hell, we hear about atheists who hate the Rational Response Squad (like Jim Lazarus) so we can relate to losers like Frank. But I've always heard of Christians that hate Frank. But I'd like to post some of the stuff that the Christians from TOL had to say about Frank Walton.

Frank, you are a petty, pathetic jerk.

From Knight.

Calling someone a "jerk" equals hatred. Knight probably wants Frank dead now. That's ok, we can relate to that, too.

Frank is a liar and a fool...

.. Frank hurts the gospel and damages the cause for truth.

From Knight, again.

Yup, we hate it when Christians damage the cause for truth. They should let atheists do that only. But the truth is, Frank's opponent went past the word limit and Knight didn't do anything about it. I love it when moderators give the Christians a hard time! The best part was when Knight blamed Frank for his screw up! That's right Frank, because you complained about an infraction your opponent did, that was your fault. Not Knight, even though he was suppose to give a warning, but, oh well.

Frank if you read this, you brought shame to the name of Christ and gave
legitimacy to the atheists on this board and their positions. I have a feeling
we will be hearing about this for a long time. You should be ashamed of
yourself. God's truth will always prevail, you should know that!

Further, I don't appreciate your treatment of Knight, is a friend and a
brother in Christ to me. You don't even know the man, and you made some very
serious accusations against his character. I find that behavior to be utterly
inexcusable! I have always found Knight to be reasonable and he always attempts
to do the right thing. Your banning comes well-deserved in my opinion!


Ouch! PastorKevin loves kissing butt, doesn't he. Let's hope he kisses atheist butt next.

The best part was when Frank accused these Christians of not following the rules. So Frank had to cry like a baby and tell them that they were wrong. Here's more complaining from the cry baby:

Axiom-Tech (Frank's atheist opponent),

You have just broken one of the rules of the debate. As you can see in the very first post in this forum (by Knight) you were to write an opening no more than 1500 words, yet you’re opening is 1625 words (not counting the references… I don’t count those… but, uh, it seemed liked you were doing more arguing in the third reference! Give me a break!). And you wonder why I called you a moron? As far as I can tell none of the moderators warned you about this infraction, which is unfortunate, and which is why I'm posting this message myself. My sole purpose of going to a forum was to have a fair debate while being properly moderated. I will post my opening tomorrow, but if you continue to break the rules of the debate (or weasel in more arguments in your reference section), I will not continue it. I hope you would be more civil in your conduct.


Frank Walton

Guess what happened after that? Axiom-Tech broke the rules again! Ha! Ha! And the moderators didn't do anything about that. But this is what Franky said,


This is the second time you have broken the rules of the debate! In your first rebuttal, you were to give no more than a 1,000 word reply. Yet again, like a moron, you have surpassed that number! Why should I even bother debating you if you are being unfair? Right now, I'm debating whether I should continue this debate. "Sorry" is not going to do it anymore, Axiom-Tech. There's just no more excuses for your behavior.

Frank Walton

And why did Frank complain to the Christian moderators that they were wrong? Telling other Christians that they're wrong? That's not a right thing for a Christian to do. So what if Paul was mad at Peter? That doesn't count. Stupid, cry baby, Frank. You're always complaining about fairness. We at the Rational Response Squad knows what's fair. When we have a Christian on our radio show we have 5 people gain up against him, because that's fair. All your atheist opponent did was go over the word limit 3 times. And yeah sure, he even admitted it. But what's the big deal? I'll be your referee, Franky, and the next time the bell rings for the time limit, I'll let your opponent have the last punch at you. That's fair and you know it and you deserve it!


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