Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Television evangelist Falwell dies at 73



It looks like right-wing fascist Christians are questioning my buddies here:

Daddy Cool to "Atheism Sucks" sucks

Are you guys happy that he's (Jerry Falwell) dead?

You see that! That's once and for all proof that Daddy Cool loves the fact that Falwell is dead. Yeah, I know his question says nothing of the sort, but my spidey senses are tingling and it tells me that that questions says that Daddy Cool not only loves the fact that Falwell is dead but it also tells me that Daddy Cool lives on Mars and plays with red aliens. Dude, you guys have to read what the head strong Rational Response Squad had to say in direct response to Daddy Cool:

Atheism Sucks! sucks said...

Just because you're happy doesn't mean that we are.

Oh, snaps! That's so logical. In your face, Daddy Coolio! But to be truthful with you, the Rational Response Squad are happy that Jerry Falwell is dead. Notice we haven't denied it in the quote above. But that's what we want after all. Take it from my friend, Mr. GAWN (a faithful RRS member) when he said:

Fuckin' Christians, if I can't convert 'em I'll burn 'em. Learn 'em a lesson with my Smith and Wesson straight in they sternum.

From the song I would say God

That's the RRS way, man! Also, my main man, Rook Hawkins said,

"... this is what the RRS is fighting for - to free minds and rid the world or irrational people..." (source)

Yes, we here at RRS must get rid of people! Not ideology or false philosophies per se. But human beings. People! P-E-O-P-L-E! People! Christian people are better off dead. May they all die with bullet wounds to their sternum!

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