Thursday, February 22, 2007

How to be a lying chicken the Frank Walton way!

He's lying, again!

Anyway, let's debunk Frank's blog. Now, Frank said that Brian Sapient avoided a debate with Todd Friel.

Brian Sapient avoided a debate with Todd Friel by claiming he "doesn't have anything real new, he's uninteresting, he's dishonest, and he does a lot of interrupting, a lot of commercial breaks when you're saying important stuff, he does a lot of quote-mining..." etc.


I already wrote about this in my other blog:

Yesterday, on The Way of The Master radio, Todd Friel said that Brian Sapient "...won't agree to come on the show."

Ray Comfort was out of the studio when Todd said it and came in 20 minutes after the comment.

Where was Ray to expose Todd's lie? Sapient agreed to come on the show if Ray AND Kirk were going to be there. You can download Brian ripping Todd a new one, right here. Just right-click and save it.

By the way, Todd is a stupid name, it's obvious why he turned out so stupid. LOL! That's logical, stupid name=stupid person. Remember that.

Todd is known for getting his butt kicked in debates like with The Infidel Guy and Dan Barker. Todd cut HillbillyAtheist off the air when he appeared. Hillbilly never complained about that, but you know... Todd Friel sucks anyway. Okay, I admit it, Friel told Hillbilly that he had to cut his interview short! But it sounded like he interrupted him! Honestly, it did! You can check out what HBA had to say about his appearance on Way of The Master, right here.

And Todd getting his ass handed to him by Dan Barker here.

Update: Brian just received an email from Ray Comfort. It looks like Sapient won't go on the "Way of the Master" radio show. See, Todd Friel wants Sapient on his show but is too chicken to have him on his show too. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Update: Stupid Frank Walton has something to say about this here and here.

Sapient would rather debate Todd's bosses (Ray and Kirk). Ray and Kirk aren't as tough as Todd Friel but still.

That's 2 on 1. Right, Frank? Because you also said this...

3. Don't do one-on-one debates. Instead, have you and your friends debate your lone opponent.

As I said above, Sapient will gladly debate Kirk and Ray, all by himself. They're very easy to debate. Friel is too tough.

Do you still want to call him a coward?

4. If you find out an opponent of yours is a darn good debater, avoid debating them by lying about them. Say that he's a a quote-miner, he's too easy to beat, he's a plagiarizer, or a liar, etc. By ruining their reputation it'll make it look like they are not worth debating.

More lies!

I've seen how the members from TheologyWeb debate. What does TheologyWeb have to do with this? I don't know!!!! But I'll bring it up anyway. They suck!

Back to tearing Frank's blog a new one...

6.Make sure your opponent is as shallow minded as they come, or unprepared, or naive.

That's right, only debate those you know you can beat. Don't debate those who are good thinking theists. That may leave an opportunity for your opponent to outsmart you. And you can't have that happen. But if that happens, again, gang up on him. Got to rule #3.

LOL! What a liar! They have me to back up Frank Walton and lies and I'm not shallow at all. This blog is proof of that. Also, Ray and Kirk, they're not shallow. No really. They're PhD quality, baby! They're so not tough that Brian Sapient will debate them.

At TheologyWeb, (which has nothing to do with what Frank said), the theists gang up on the atheists, just like how atheists gang up on theists! Just look around the forum for 2 seconds. (Random thread!)

3. Don't do one-on-one debates. Instead, have you and your friends debate your lone opponent.

Always, gang up on your opponent. Remember, it's easier to beat up a guy when you have more people with you. Brian Sapient usually has 5 (that's right, 5, including himself) people against a lone Christian. 5 against 1! Can you beat that!

Oh, man...

Brian has said that he will take on Ray and Kirk by himself and he's been waiting on Ergun to respond for over a week. And guess what? When Ergun Caner came on, it was 4 "Rational Response Squad" members (Brian Sapient, Rook Hawkins, Kelly, and Brian Flemming) against Ergun Caner. Ha! And Frank Walton complains that the almighty Rational Response Squad debates 5 against 1 measly Christian.

Now that you know how to be a lying chicken the Frank Walton way, it's time to learn how to debate the TheologyWeb way!


Are you ready? Here it goes.

1. Lie your ass off.
2. Grow it back.
3. Lie it off again.

That's right! It's that simple! LOL! Yeah, I know Frank Walton doesn't own but we'll just use it anyway.


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