Monday, February 12, 2007

Frank Walton doesn't care about his parents!

We've found the reason that Frank Walton has so much time to spew lies on the internet. Not only can he not handle looking at slutty women, but his parents are also "dismayed" by his ridiculous beliefs.

Maybe they also know about how he blogs on "atheismsucks" with such an immature online persona it's no wonder that Frank Walton has parents that are dismayed by him. Poor Frank Walton, does someone need a hug? Can't handle slutty women, can't handle parents, has a mind disorder (theism), and spends his days writing to atheists online linking them to his crappy blog all day... what a pathetic excuse for existence. What a pathetic excuse for a Christian. It's no wonder the Rational Response Squad equates theism with a mind disorder, they even said that Martin Luther King Jr had a mental disorder. Cool, huh? Here you have a Christian who let's the world know with almost every correspondence that Christianity is indeed a religion of intolerance. Good job Frank, keep helping people to see why Christianity does nothing to make you a good person.

Now be a good little boy Frank and abandon those myths so that your parents don't have to be discouraged and depressed at your amazing low thinking capacity. How disrespectful of you! Remember, folks, if you disagree with your parents that means you don't care about them. Disagree=apathy toward the individual. The next time you disagree with your mother who says bacon tastes better than eggs, that means you don't care about her! Shame on you!


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