Monday, June 25, 2007

Brian Sapient is happier with a smaller penis

From here.

Usually, the bigger someone's penis is the prouder they should be. Not with my leader Brian Sapient. He's happy that he has a smaller penis. He just had his penis reduced. He even said he had a "God-small penis" (18:22 in this audio clip). You fundy Christians say that God is infinite right? So that means Brian Sapient's penis is infinitely small. And he wants it even more smaller. Beat that, you big-sized penis Christians. The next time you see Brian Sapient at the beach don't be surprised to see him skipping along in a G-string, okay? He's covering all but a half inch of his pee-pee, because that's how masculine he is. What makes him more masculine is the fact that he has big nipples, too. He even uses it to disprove God! Beat that you wacky douche bag of a Christian.

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