Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron VS. Brian Sapient and Kellym78

It'll be Kelly and Sapient, May 5th in NYC talking with Way of the Master's Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron on ABC's website. Martin Bashir will moderate and you'll be able to see the whole thing live (90 minutes) on ABC's website (probably the Nightline section). Then there will be a recap on a Nightline segment later. Remember, Sapient never wanted to debate Way of the Master radio host Todd Friel. You know why? Because Friel is too easy to beat in a debate. He's so easy to whip and embarrass, my leader, Brian Sapient, said he won't debate him. What? He's not using any excuses not to debate Friel. And Sapient certainly is not scared of him. That's a lie straight from Frank Walton's mouth. Here's what that stupid Christian fundy said,

Now as we all know Brian Sapient said he'd only debate The Way of the Master pupils (Comfort and Cameron) if only Todd Friel was not present in the debate. Why? Because Friel is much more hard hitting than Cameron and Comfort (with all due respect to them). In fact, Sapient suggested Cameron and Comfort. You see, Sapient is still a softie.


No, Franky. You're the softie, buddy. Because you can't handle the truth. Sapient has the balls big enough not to debate some people. That's like Mike Tyson saying "I won't fight you physically, which proves I can beat you up physically." Make sense, dip stick? It sure does in an atheist kind of way.



Atheism Sucks! sucks said...

Frank, you said the following:

"Shallow-minded and evolved monkey Rich Rodriguez actually thinks that Comfort and Cameron are great thinking debaters."

So, why do you copy my blogs and add anti-commentary?

Rational Response Squad Jr. said...

I'm not Frank Walton, buddy, oh pal, oh buddy of mine. I'm on your side. Dude, Frank Walton sucks. It's all about Rational Response Squad, baby. I don't give anti-commentary to your commentary. I give anti-anti-commentary to your commentary. That means, I don't don't add stuff to your commentary. Get it? You guys rocks, man! Hey tell, Brian Sapient I agree with him that men have tits. That's the best darn argument against intelligent design I ever heard. Tell Sapient he could suck my tits if he's ever thirsty. I'm low-fat milk though.

Michael Stradley said...

Sapient won't debate Friel because he's "too easy"? What an absurd thing to claim. If I wanted to show how stupid and irrational Christianity was on national television, I would certainly go for the easiest target possible--claiming that Todd Friel is "too easy" sounds like a childish cop-out from someone who knows he's got nothing to back up his arguments.

I think Sapient wants to debate Cameron and Comfort precisely because they're easy--Sapient knows that he can't beat Todd Friel in a debate, which is why he consistently runs from him.

Last I heard on the RRS chat room, Sapient wasn't even going to participate in the debate with Comfort and Cameron now--he's going to leave it up to Kelly, because he knows that she's smarter than he is. Personally, I look for Sapient to find a way to bail on this entire debate out of fear of making himself look like an ass...again.