Friday, January 26, 2007

Mocking thoughts on 'Praise the Lord Challenge'

Frank's new blog, 'Mocking thoughts on the Blasphemy Challenge', is hilarious!

LOL! He posted some video of his funny-looking friend, Calvin, who gave his thoughts on the Blasphemy Challenge. Oo0o0o0o0h!!! He's not as funny as Rook Hawkins though. Just kidding, Rook.

Listen guys, some of the reasons we started the Blasphemy Challenge is to piss Christians off and help some people come out of the closet as atheists, ok? We're not here to be logical. We're here to be jerks. Also, it's just been televised that Christians are pissed! They're not really fighting back though, Frank, and I'll explain why.

But first, just look what pissed-off Calvin said about the Blasphemy Challenge in that stupid video on Frank's blog.

..And it's just the worst, most in-informed, ignorant..piece of bleeping
blooping in the world. That's it's just funny!
(He was rubbing his eyes/forehead, pulling his hair, and his face was turning red while he was saying that.)

Terrible actor.

Anyway, Calvin said "in-informed" in the video. What?!?

It's uninformed, idiot!


Okay, maybe he did say "uniformed" and I heard him wrong. But still, it sounded like in-informed, okay?!

Now, here's something Frank said in the blog.

"Come to think of it, the Blasphemy Challenge did more damage than good
for the Rational Response Squad and for atheists in general. "


Wrong, Frank! We've been labeled as a bunch of fascists for atheism. That's good, okay? We make Nazis look like sissies.

'Praise the Lord Challenge' is friggin' stupid, though. People praise the lord all the friggin' time at church! You know what we atheists do? We praise mother nature. Beat that! Nature brought us into being out of nothing. Because out of nothing something came, alright?!

And who the hell is scared to come out of the closet as a Christian? They're everywhere, you moron! And we're here to make fun of them publicly so they'll go back in their stupid closets.


Read what I wrote earlier about the reasons we started the Blasphemy Challenge.

"Listen guys, some of the reasons we started the Blasphemy Challenge was to piss Christians off and help some people come out of the closet as atheists, ok? Also, it's just been televised that Christians are pissed!"

There ya go! Is that too hard for you to understand?!

Also, 'Challenge Blasphemy' is not the powerful message theists think it is. In fact, Chanman (former theist) was banned like about 3 times from the Challenge Blasphemy forums because of his comments about evolution, the Big Bang and his refutation of Pascal's Wager. But that doesn't beat what the Rational Response Squad does. You know what we do? If you are too good of a debater, we'll lie to ban you. It worked with Frank Walton.

Here's a challenge for you Christians: Prove those people, that are not the same religion as you, that the Christian god is the right god! :-)

Because I know you can't! :-D

And if you can, we'll ban you!

Now, this is the funniest part of Frank's blog.

The responses to RRS has grown and from the looks of it, it ain't

Only 17 videos? Okay, maybe you guys grew to over 46. Big deal. So keep growing if you want.

It ain't stopping? That's a premature assumption from the looks of it. But ok...

Look at how many videos WE have. Yup, that includes the videos where Christians refute us. But we'll include them anyway to make us look better.

How can you stop us? Boy, we haven't even started yet! ;-)

I just hope, that one day...Frank will realize how stupid he is.


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