Sunday, January 20, 2008

Have an IP address you want to share?

If you have an IP address of Frank Walton or anyone who he claims to be impersonating him, please feel free to post it as a comment to this post with the title or opening phrase "I pee on your IP address."

This post is a statement of confirmation that the information will not be posted publicly on this site and will only be used to prosecute Frank Walton or whoever the real person is behind him to the fullest extent of the law. We would like to connect more dots to this puzzle. Spread the word to anyone you know that has been attacked by Frank Walton. You have our promise the information will only be used in a court of law.

If you would like to add a disclaimer stating that it is ok to post the IP if we can find confirmation that such action is legal, please add the disclaimer. So, uh, I guess we will post Frank's IP to the public. No, we just didn't contradict ourselves. What we said was we won't show the IP address to the public but we will show it to the public. That makes sense in a "Rational Response Squad" kind of way.

If you have been cyber-stalked, lied about, attacked, threatened, or harrassed by any of the following people help us complete the puzzle by posting the comment/IP here and it will wait in moderation for our crack staff. There are many ips known within this puzzle, we're looking to find more conclusive connections here.

If you doubt the legitimacy of this site please view the footer of the highest ranked atheist website in the world to see that they have our "blessing" (though we believe that Richard Dawkins had an affair with another woman, he still blesses us by golly!)

These are the names we believe the Christian who calls himself Frank Walton goes by:
Abnoxio, Alan Baxter, HGissufficient, Mark Cote, MrBright, Rich Voss, S_Allegory, stanlee, Terry Pritchard(fully confirmed), John G. Deering(highly likely), Scary Jesus

Yes, Frank has said these people were actually Ted Bell. But it's not true! Here's proof:

  • Frank Walton likes putting his own home address out and to make his wife's name public. Why? So, people can kill him and rape his wife.
  • Frank also likes calling himself a fag, and a nigger, and a child molestor. Why? Because it just makes sense to, that's why.
  • Frank likes to pretend to be other people while putting out his own home address and wife's name so people can get him. Makes sense doesn't it? That's what we Rational Response Squad peeps are all about.

Here are the IP addresses Frank Walton has used (yeah, I know, Frank said it's Ted Bell's IP addresses but what does Frank know? I mean, he likes to pretend to be other people while putting out his own home address and wife's name so people can get him):

If you feel insecure posting the ip info here you can send the info to anyone you trust within the RRS and they will add it to our findings and help prepare the info for the courts and the feds. We will get Frank Walton and arrest him and make him pay money for mental damages to us. We need money and we will try getting it from Frank.

Best of all, here's how Frank Walton looks like and sounds like (again, stupid Frank Walton thinks that this is Ted Bell... Ha! We know you said you were half-black, Franky, but in this video you're white, so by logic that means this man has to be you!):


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